Choosing a good UK VPN service

Watch UK TV Abroad

Watch all these UK TV channels from abroad.

What You Need To Watch UK TV from abroad…

If you are an Expat living abroad or simply on holiday and missing your favourite UK TV channels, there is a way to watch them all online both live and catchup.

What you will need is a VPN server to connect to that gives you a UK IP address, no matter where you are. When you connect to this VPN server, it makes any website that you visit think that your computer is infact in the United Kingdom. Once connected, you can then visit websites such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Five Demand and the content is unlocked, giving you access to all UK TV channels and programmes normally only available in the UK, so you can watch uk tv abroad any time you like!

How to choose a VPN service for UK TV…

Choosing a VPN service to watch UK TV online from abroad is quite difficult because there are so many to choose from. Doing a Google search for “UK TV VPN” or “British TV Abroad” will bring up pages and pages of results from various different companies. You will also notice ads at the top and side of each page, try to avoid these because they pay to be at the top and in most cases are not at the top, 1, because they are new and unproven or 2, because they simply do not have enough merit to be at the top.

Most VPN services will cramb all of its members onto 1 server, therefor, if everyone is watching TV at the same time, you will get annoying buffering. Try to find a VPN service that has multiple UK servers, so if one server is full, you can switch to another, avoiding the buffering.

Find a VPN service that allows a free connection trial, once you have connected, you know this service will work on your system without any hassle.

A VPN service should have a ticket system or good customer support, if you can not connect to their free trial, submit a ticket and see how long it takes for a reply, if it is longer than 8 hours, look elsewhere.

A good VPN service will not charge you for different packages, ie, if they offer UK servers as standard and charge you extra for USA servers, avoid them, they are obviously resellers and pay the same for all of their servers in a bundle and sell them out to make more money, although cost price is the same. An honest UK VPN service would not bother with USA servers, unless they are part of every plan as standard, it would not make sense to advertise USA servers when they are offering a UK based system. Find a service that offers both UK and USA servers as standard, you will find that they own a network of plenty of servers to keep connection problems and buffering to a minimum.

Make sure that there are no limits and you can use the server 24 hours a day without a usage limit. Check the small print of any VPN service and if they have a “fair usage” or ” acceptable usage” policy, avoid them. You don´t want to have your service suddenly cut off in the middle of your favourite TV show!

A good price for a VPN service should be between €7 and €10 per month, anything less would be a single UK server and very slow customer support with possible buffering problems. It is always best to find a VPN service that offers 24 hours first for around €1, so that you can try the service out before committing to a longer plan. Also check the refund policy, if a company offers a refund within the first 24 hours, they are good, if a company doesn´t offer a refund and simply says something like “We do not offer refunds because you will be happy with our service”, or “If you have a problem, start a Paypal dispute”, avoid them! In most cases, they will win a Paypal dispute and you will lose your money, after they cancel your service!

Try to find a company with good reviews or a company with a lot of Facebook likes, these companies have obviously pleased a lot of people. Check the domain name to see how long they have been in business for, if they have been around for 4 or more years, you know they are a good reputable company.

Never subscribe to automatic payments, find a VPN service that offers a pay as you go service. Simply paying for a month at a time and auto renewing is not helpful to people who take holidays at different times of the year. Cancelling a subscription can be a pain, you will find problems renewing your subscription and find yourself without service for as long as 1 week! Also, many people will forget to cancel their subscription and pay for something that they do not need, not knowing this until they check their bank statement and notice money missing!

Try to choose a VPN service that encrypts your data, this not only makes your internet browsing totally private but also adds complete safety when using public wifi hotspots, hotels or shared networks, so all of your data, uncluding internet banking, is kept safe.

Make sure that the service you choose has instant access or instant renewals, you can then pay for the service exactly when you need it and without any delay.

Recommended UK VPN service…

One of the most reliable UK VPN services that you will find that falls into all of the above is They have been around for many years and have over 25 VPN servers to choose from included as standard with every plan. Customer support is fast and you can contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All links to both UK and USA channels are found in your own private members area, simply connect to any of their servers and click a channel to watch. I would try their free 7 minute connection trial to test your settings to make sure it works on your system, any problems, contact them and they will fix it for you. After this, you can choose from 24 Hours, 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months or 1 Year, the Yearly plan works out at under €0.20 per day. Their service is unlimited, you can connect 24 hours a day and stay on the server, you will never be cut off! Also included as standard is encryption, not only hiding your real IP address but also encrypting all of your data, making it safe for online banking and sensitive browsing in public hotspots.

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